The Classroom of the Future has Arrived.

Capture the imagination of your students and train them on new tools that will help them compete in the global economy.
Ten simple lesson plans help students become proficient with the NextEngine 3D Scanner and RapidWorks reverse engineering software.
Students work hands on with the scanner in teams of two to three. They learn how to capture physical 3D objects, and reverse engineer accurate CAD models from 3D scans using RapidWorks.
Our curriculum was designed by expert educators at DEPCO and includes a Student Manual, Instructor Manual, Class Exams, and set of physical objects for 3D scanning. Materials are provided in both hard-copy and digital form. We recommend one copy of 3D Curriculum per classroom scanning station.


3D Scanner Anatomy
Using ScanStudio HD
RapidWorks Intro
RapidWorks Extrusions
RapidWorks Revolutions
RapidWorks Airfoil
Manipulating Airfoil 1
Manipulating Airfoil 2
NamePlate Creation