What is "High Definition" 3D scanning, anyway? Simply put, it measures your object in more places.

Accuracy is important, but it's not enough. When you want fine detail in a 3D shape, the density of points matters even more. If 0.005 inch accuracy points are spaced 0.050 inches apart, a curve would look like stair-steps. Each step is accurate, but the sparse spacing wouldn't map the curve. But when points are packed finer than the accuracy spec, (at say, 0.002 inch), model quality goes way up.

Try our comparison widget (at right), and see why HD Scanning produces a superior model. In fact, HD captures so many points, it took a year to build the software needed to process them. There's a lot more to like in our HD technology, including scanning twice as fast, and much larger areas. Check out the features below.

All new NextEngine 3D Scanners are already equipped for HD scanning. Just get our new ScanStudio HD or HD PRO software release, and start experiencing the difference. And if you bought your system in '07, NextEngine has an awesome deal to get you an HD machine.   Learn More

Got an SD scanner? You're one of the early enthusiasts who got your very own 3D scanner as soon as it came out. Since our debut, we've quickly grown to have thousands of users all around the world. Our new HD Technology incorporates what we've learned from the experiences you've shared.

Technology companies constantly improve products, so you bought a first generation '07 model, and now you need to buy a new one or you'll miss out on the latest cool features, right? Nope. At NextEngine, we do things differently. In our view, it was those of you who first bought our technology that made success possible. We're now the leading supplier of 3D Scanners in the World, and we're very grateful that you trusted us. So we're doing something unheard of in the High Tech industry. We'll let you exchange your first generation system for a brand new HD unit.

If you don't need HD, your SD scanner will continue to work fine with SD software, and you don't need to do anything. But if you buy the new HD PRO Software, it requires the new HD Hardware, so we'll exchange it for you for just $995 plus shipping. Pretty cool, huh?   Learn More

Order:  Order ScanStudio HD PRO on the NextEngine online store for $995, and you'll be prompted for your serial number. Then the additional $995 exchange fee plus return shipping will be adjusted to your order after it has been placed.  After receiving your order confirmation email, you'll be contacted with shipping details for your SD unit. You'll get a brand new HD Scanner and ScanStudio HD PRO for about $2,000 less than the current price.

Shipping:  You can keep using your existing system until your new HD is ready. Once we receive your SD, your new HD system will be on its way. Your new system also comes with a new warranty and unlimited support for a full year.

Eligibility  To qualify for the exchange program, you must purchase ScanStudio HD PRO, and you must be the original purchaser of your SD scanner.





ScanControls Scanner and AutoDrive
AlignAutomated alignment of scan sets
FuseMerge scans into a single-mesh model
ProcessingSmart filters reduce edge artifacts + noise
4X SamplingHigher quality points through oversampling
7 Color7 channel color capture for high accuracy
2X SpeedSmart filters reduce edge artifacts + noise
Large AreaUltra wide-mode depth range over 30 in.
4X Density4 times more points (4 million max.)