NEW 4.0 Release

NextEngine RapidWorks scan-to-cad enhancements now reflect 3D Systems’ state-of-the-art Geomagic Design X technology, previously known as Rapidform XOR.

New Mesh Construction
A new faster points-to-mesh algorithm can provide higher detail and is able to reduce noise in long range scan data.

Solid Edge liveTransfer
Transfer solid features and surface bodies to SolidEdge, modify using Siemens NX synchronous technology.

Healing Wizard
Create sharper and cleaner reference mesh models with improved intelligence to identify smaller and undesirable vertexes.

User Interface
Mesh Display Mode option will now change to Flat Face when entering Mesh Mode if set to Curvature.

Volume Merge
Increased performance of this command now supports multi-thread processing

Point Cloud Mode
Multiple command performance enhancements help improve raw scan data processing: Filter, Sample, Smooth, Offset, Generate, Reverse

For a full list of what's new in 4.0, download our PDF Spec Sheet.