Think about using your mouse to draw a CAD model of a person's face. It's hard. Really hard. Too many different curves flowing into one another.

Yet with a set of 3D data from your NextEngine Scanner, you can create an awesome CAD model, from idealized curves and surfaces made at the click of one button. How? With ScanStudio CAD TOOLS' AutoSurfacer.

This advanced Surfacer interprets 3D scan spatial points and automatically synthesizes NURBS surfaces algorithmically. What's NURBS? Non Uniform Rational B-Splines... a fancy name for a set of mathematical formulas that describe a surface patch.

Instead of a mesh of triangles, imagine the curvy copper panels that form the Statue of Liberty. Each patch of copper has a perimeter described by spline curves. Got lots of twists and turns in your shape? The AutoSufacer will break it down into smaller patches, fit them together in a mosaic, and give you a NURBS description of your original shape. Compared with raw scan points, it's orders of magnitude less data to describe a surface.

But what makes the Rapidform algorithms so special? It's the combination of a surface synthesizer that is so clean and defect-free, yet so faithful to the original shape data, even as it produces a remarkably compact mosaic of surface patches.

NURBS AutoSurfacing is just another example of the value inside every seat of CAD TOOLS. Underlying these functions is a massive library of sophisticated math that took nearly a decade of research to build. Now you can command it all with a single click, and all for a price that's just unbeatable.