Setting up your reference origin for your scan data should be trivial, right? You'd be surprised how much fiddling this can require inside your CAD system.

That's why ScanStudio CAD TOOLS provides a state-of-the-art visual interface to precisely position your part and it's origin, with unparalleled ease.

Many parts have a natural flat base that makes a good origin. Nudge your mouse and squint to align to it, right? No way. Just click three spots, and CAD TOOLS' automated BaseFInder will identify the base plane and reorient the part for you.

Want to move just the object, or just the orgin... or both together to see other perspectives? They're all here, with just one click. Or ever need to tweak just one axis without disturbing anything else? It's built-in here too.

And all these moves have a visual presentation that is so vivid and rich, it makes it really easy to see what exactly you're doing.