CAD Outputs

Once you have your splines or NURBS surfaces, you'll want to take them into your CAD system and scale them, stretch them, revise them or combine them with other shapes. How will you bring them in?

ScanStudio CAD TOOLS includes an export system with translators that cover all the major CAD platforms. You can output to IGES and STEP standard exchange formats.

There's also a button to directly put your surfaces into RapidWorks without translation. RapidWorks adds more capabilities to let you model and edit your shape along side your original scan data, before you export to your CAD system.

Or, if you're a SolidWorks 2007 Premium user, you can transfer the scan data to ScanTo3D - the new reverse engineering feature in SolidWorks - with a single button. (Note: other versions of SolidWorks are supported via STEP or IGES files)