Got curves? ScanStudio CAD TOOLS' automated Spline extractor function will distill them down and bring them into your CAD system in a snap.

A spline is a mathematical spec for a compound curve. The splines generated by CAD TOOLS are drawn automatically by slicing through your object's scan data in a set of parallel planes.

NextEngine's ScanStudio CAD TOOLS integrates Rapidform XOR's powerful high-end spline algorithms with a unique new visual interface that makes it very easy, even fun, to specify the axis and spacing for exactly the contours and density you want.

After a surface has been converted to splines, the dataset is small and portable. Compared with raw scan points, spline files are orders of magnitude smaller. Splines can then be sent to a wide variety of CAD systems in IGES or STEP formats.

Once in your CAD system, you can manipulate these spline curves with control points, and loft through them to create sophisticated surfaces for your solid model. Splines are a very efficient way to describe compound surfaces that would be too difficult or time-consuming to draw by hand.